Cooking is not a Skill! It’s something you should know

Okay, I find many of my friends suddenly so proud and flaunting their ability to cook a meal. But I mean, its cooking. Cooking is easy. Every human, since the the discovery of fire has learned how to cook. They needed to, unless they wanted to keep getting sick from eating raw meat or whatever.

With that said, cooking is not a skill. It’s something you should know if you want to be, I don’t know, still alive. Everyone in this world eats, and I mean everyone. We’re also professionals at eating. Which is why food industry, and not prostitution, is actually the oldest, and most eternal business. But I’d like to believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to eat something that they like.


^ That’s me, staring up at all the injustices of Tokyo, and admiring it.

I started working at a French restaurant when I was in Japan (Since teaching English is a horribly dreadful job). It was a fine dining restaurant and I got to work on everything, until even becoming dessert chef. Since then, I’ve worked at a number of other restaurants. Cooking is easy. People get intimidated because of all these professional chefs cooking these amazing dishes on TV, but I want to say.


You know how to make Beef and Broccoli? The Chinese dish? It’s literally just soy sauce, and you can add a dab of sugar or MSG like chicken powder if you want, but its totally not necessary. If you want a more pungent taste, add some oyster sauce. That’s it. Fry up some beef, boil the the broccoli for like 10 seconds then add that to the fry, throw in the sauce and that’s it. Done.


Creme Brulee. Just take a few egg yolks, add sugar, milk and cream. Mix it, then steam or bake it. Of course, the crisp on the top would require a burner to melt the brown sugar. You can make different kinds too, like vanilla, though vanilla beans are expensive, vanilla extract is much easier. Or you can make green tea flavored, by mixing matcha powder.


These things take recipes but those are easily acquired online. Or I can post them here.

What I’m saying is, people need to stop putting culinary on some pedestal so that people will actually try it.

Moving on.

Japanese food. Here is the secret. A majority of their food is a combination of soy sauce, sugar, mirin and dashi powder. Mirin is basically alcohol reduced sweetened sake, and its mainly for cooking. Dashi powder is MSG, but don’t believe the hype about MSG anyway, its not always that bad for you.

Well known Japanese dish, Nikujaga, which literally means beef and potatoes, uses only that for the broth. Oyako Donburi is the same, except with more dashi and less soy sauce. Soboro donburi too, except instead of dashi, they use oyster sauce for the ground beef.

And that, is the foundation to Japanese cuisine.


Thai food. Thai food is always extremely rich in flavor, no matter what it is. They put a crap ton of sugar on everything and oversauce like crazy. Everytime I eat it, I get thirsty and I learned why after I worked at a Thai restaurant. Main ingredients they use is Fish Sauce, Sugar and Lime Juice, and I’m serious. They drown their food in all of these ingredients.

Overall, cooking shouldn’t be hard. Just keep tasting as you cook it. Add salt, or sugar, or pepper to adjust to your taste. Always season the meats with salt and pepper at the least, and marinade whenever you can. Even just rubbing soy sauce and sugar into the meat is enough marinade.

Also, here’s a secret. After you fry up something, let’s say a piece of salmon, save the oil in the pan. Mix together equal parts sugar and soy sauce and throw it onto that oil with the fire simmering. Heat it up for about ten seconds and you have teriyaki sauce! Just pour it over the salmon and you have salmon teriyaki. Easy peasy.


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